Real Talk on Dating

The turning point – how babysitting changed my view on relationships

Yesterday, I had the chance to look after 4 beautiful kids and got very surprised by how I felt afterwards. I did  a pretty damn good job running after them in my flat, which is  set up for a single chick, in all honesty; but the whole experience opened up something in me that I never thought was there – suddenly I felt and I’m thinking that it would be great to have  a family. Does it mean that I am ready? Ready to finally pick my choice of a great guy?

Maybe I am. I woke up this morning feeling all ‘bushy tailed’ and ready and looking forward to going on more dates. Interestingly when looking through the profiles online, I find myself unconscioulsy browsing with kids in mind.  I must say this though I am very  surprised at the whole experience as I never realised an urgent need for children – well until yesterday. Truth to be told, I have always imagined the whole concept of raising children as a big ordeal, one that would make me loose who I am and morph me into something unimaginable.. But my time with the kids yesterday changed everything for me

So maybe this is my time, and maybe I am really ready to jump at this thing – meeting something, turning the situation into a relationship, stable enough to bring another being into the mix. So search, I search away, hoping to finally connect with the guy who fits me very well..

Let’s just find him soon..

Love you always,